No, I Don’t Like Nascar

something i’m only just now fully ingesting about kansas city: we can be a pretty hick place when it comes to guys. i am tired of seeing nascar numbers on big trucks, calvin peeing on dodge or ford or whatever logo the driver is hating on, beer bellies, and overly sunburnt faces from laying around on boats at the lakes here while getting wasted. you may or may not know me yet, but that kind of dude is so not my thing. and they’re EVERYWHERE. the more metro guys i go for are usually….more than metro. so here is my wanted ad: david beckham with a deeper voice and slightly more brainpower. british accent fully acceptable. straight. must be interested in art. but not too interested in art because then you might get boring. drive a normal car that isn’t on offroading tires and requires $100 to fill the gas tank. be nice. also you must worship me.

ok so that’s out on the wide wide web world now, so i’ll just await responses in the comments section.


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