I’m Going, Going, Back, Back to NY NY

i am just 2.25 days away from heading back to the east coast on my first ever business trip. i’ll be in NYC at the international gift fair, buying things to sell in the store where i work. it’ll just be me and my boss going, and should be a blast, though she keeps warning me about the gazillion miles we’re going to be walking and to brace and fortify myself against it. so i bought two new pairs of shoes. if that isn’t braced and fortified i don’t know what is.

also i am pretty much wired and amped over the fact that i’m going back to the east coast. after flying back and forth to school in boston for four years and then not setting foot on the atlantic seaboard for a year and a couple months, i am itching to be glared at by skinny bitches all in black and get honked at by men in taxis and whistled at by construction workers and smell that NYC smell that is so one-of-a-kind and not see grass for 5 days. but also to see some of the most amazing art in the world, visit a college friend, learn new things for my job, watch times square out of my hotel window, and be surrounded by a bajillion people all on one tiny plot of land. man do i miss big cities sometimes.

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