Prove to Me Your Muscles Are Tired

over the past two days i have physically labored to a ridiculous degree at work. receiving in product is no walk in the park, and i have blisters and exhausted muscles to prove it. (how would i prove my muscles were exhausted? just take a picture of my arm and try to make it look “tired”? the blisters are totally legit though.) it has gotten to the point that when my alarm goes off all the voices in my head go NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the same time. and for those of you who know me or have slept in the same room with me or have had an early morning appointment with me, you all know that i can usually leap out of bed in a single bound, simultaneously turning off the alarm clock and making my bed. but lately it’s been more like shut the F up i hate you alarm clock beeper and i like my down comforter it’s so cozzzzyyyy….and then i sleep for an extra half hour. i don’t like feeling all sluggish like this.

so this morning, i woke up naturally at 7:37 am and decided against rolling back over. monumental. i spent my extra 23 minutes talking to a friend from college and “waking up slowly” (always my dad’s excuse for not getting up at the ass crack of dawn to take us to the park or somewhere exciting – “I can’t, I’m waking up slowly.”). and yet – after all this business of waking up naturally and slowly and then aided by starbucks, I AM STILL TIRED. i guess that’s what hauling boxes the size of my dog’s crate around does to you. one more full day of work, then i’m off to new york where i might have to walk a lot but at least i won’t be dragging a dolly full of boxes after me.


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