dang it. i had this great, posting-every-day sort of rhythm going and then i leave for new york, the most wired city in the world, and am consequently internet-less for 5 days. FIVE DAYS. WITH NO PEREZ OR DOOCE OR FACEBOOK OR GMAIL OR NOOOTTTHHHIIINNGGG. ok so that kind of sums up how i felt about that whole situation.

but now i’m back. i was at the new york international gift fair (NYIGF for those of us in the know) for most of my time in the city, and had a lot of exhausting fun. shopping with someone else’s money is shockingly fun. and also shockingly tiring. you walk and walk and walk and shake hands and take notes and touch and feel and exclaim and dismiss and go go go. which is fine, til you stop. and then, exhaustion. with 43,000 retailers there, i saw every kind of shop owner, from the vp of gifts at nieman marcus to overly-tanned/fake nailed/fake boobed/teased hair sort of ladies from jersey to midwesterners proclaiming everything to be gorgeous to LA boutique owners wearing jeans from an atelier and their louis vuitton fanny packs…lots of “fabulous” guys, snooty ladies, quirky shopkeepers, everything you can imagine. and then the vendors ran the gamut too. so much humanity to take in and slam into.

then to go from that insanity to times square (where we stayed) was a little overwhelming. i was more than glad every day to have a little while in my hotel room with me and myself and my tocca travel candle from katherine to decompress and be away from all those humans for a while.

things i will miss from NYC this trip: cooler weather, 2 starbucks in my 1 hotel, 5 starbucks in my 1 convention center, freebies from vendors, seeing college friends, meeting people i read about in person and telling them how much i love their work, and eating really really well. (ps go to a restaurant called utsav b/t 46th & 47th right off of times square ish, best indian food and service…) anyway now i’m tired, we had two bumpy flights (first was worst, we flew into the tail end of that storm in nyc) which are always traumatic for me, so now i need massive amounts of sleep.


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