Random Thoughts on My Drive Home

are we missing an opportunity to teach kids about hereditary genetics with will.i.am’s new song “i got it from my mama”? for that matter, what about juvenile’s “get it from her mama”?

why is it that license plates in the states look so different from those in other countries? shouldn’t we have some big international license plate conference to decide these things?

yesssss it’s that whistle song….i don’t care about the young folks, talkin bout the young style….

i’m pretty sure i should be a drag racer. my chevy malibu maxx can kick your ass, 1987 volvo.

heat lightning is bad ass. i do not want to get hit by heat lightning.

how do they get those pictures of lightning? do they just sit and aim at a storm and take 10 rolls of film hoping for one good shot? how boring…black sky black sky black sky black sky shit tail end of that lightning bolt black sky black sky black sky….what a waste of film.

whoever designed cars to have some of your radio controls on the steering wheel should get an award. an award shaped like a thumb.

oh look, my eye doctor’s place. i need to get contacts, i’m tired of being a girl with glasses.

wow i just rolled my eyes really hard at that dude driving around trying to look hard with his little ear phone gadget thing strategically in his left ear so we all know he has one. what would happen if i rolled my eyes too hard and they stuck? how sad, everyone would always think i wasn’t taking them seriously.

why is my car air conditioning always at a temperature just above body numbing? no matter where i set it my feet freeze.

i just made it all the way home thinking thoughts on purpose to put them in my blog. is that sad or clever?


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