thanks to allergies and my need for benadryl to combat them, all that is going through my brain tonight is basically static interrupted with random song snippets. i am exhausted to the point of no return, which involves sleeping through tomorrow. at one point in time in high school i could make it til 2 pm staying in bed, earning me the nickname mufasa (because i slept like a lion…). i don’t know if i’ll hit that tomorrow, but i’ve got benadryl on my side.

ps don’t take benadryl at the start of your workday. all i remember of most of today is touching my forehead to our cool stainless steel counters and walking around like a zombie hugging myself because i was freezing. i think i talked to some customers but god knows what i said. if i talked to you today and i was basically speaking nonsense, forgive me. thanks.


One thought on “Benadryl

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oy, I took Benadryl once before work because it was all I had and I never take medications. My boss made me go home in the middle of the day when I fell asleep on a carpet in the middle of the office.

    I hope you’re doing well!

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