OMG Sirius is Dead

tonight i finally went to see the most recent installment of the harry potter movie epic. we had set out to see no reservations, but harry potter in imax won out. they even gave us 3-d glasses for the last 20 minutes of the movie – i imagine it was pretty intense for those people that are able to see 3-d with those special glasses. those of us with lazy eyes in their left eye and therefore unbalanced vision can’t synthesize that kind of thing. totally frustrating back when that huge fad was going around of the 3-d images where you were supposed to find what was hiding between the wavy lines…i never did see anything. luckily harry potter is still intense if you can’t see it 3-d, so i was satisfied.

i’m still sick, clogged, and coughing a lot. takes me back to college when i was sick all the time. and i have to work tomorrow. my life is really hard. where is my gold star or something to reward me for putting clothes on today? i want a cookie.


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