Fluffy Puppy

i am feeling vaguely better. i spent most of the day with a tylenol pm hangover, kind of shaky and hazy but better.

i did manage to leave my bed and the house today to take baxter to be groomed. he’s never been professionally groomed before, it usually involved arlin pinning him down and me clipping his nails and then body slamming him into the bathtub to be washed. this was generally followed by baxter sulking in his crate, soaking wet and pissed. i decided that, aided with a coupon, it was totally worth $15 to get him a bath, a massage (!), a blowdry, a good brushing to get rid of the last of his winter coat that he’s been dragging around shedding all over everything, a nail trim, and an ear hair trim. so i dropped him off, and three hours later (why does it take this long? i don’t know) i picked up a fluffily clean puppy who was more than happy to get the hell out of there. he even sat in the front seat of my car licking my elbow on the way home, like thank god you took me out of there i love you so much i’ll lick your elbow even. it’s nice not to be the Hated One after he gets a bath.


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