Jazz Hands on the Inside

in the past month, i have lost fifteen pounds. i am secretly doing jazz hands and some sort of kick leg routine over this fact. granted, i have not done it in the healthiest way: i call it the get-broken-up-with-and-then-not-care-about-food-anymore diet. i kind of subsist on starbucks and dinner at this point, and i promise that once i lose about eight more pounds i will start eating something for lunch. but for now i am pretty pleased. i promise not to become a bobble head a la nicole richie. also the cold has almost been vanquished – colds always leave me amazed at one small nose’s ability to produce inordinate amounts of snot. but that’s about all that’s left of this thing besides a sometimes cough and a lot of tiredness, so i’m about to kick its butt. judo chop on you, stupid cold.

One thought on “Jazz Hands on the Inside

  1. Lynne says:

    Katie, that’s just as good as my diet last semester: the hospital-stay-leading-into-cheating-girlfriend diet!

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