Um, Target?

i have nothing terribly exciting to write about today. i thought about posting more about my love of driving, but i had a sneaking suspicion that that might be incredibly boring. then i thought about posting how much i have suddenly grown to love modest mouse. but that is also kind of boring. i am not that exciting right now. let’s see….i have a shopping problem. exciting? i have a compulsion to spend money pretty much every day. usually that just pans out into a grande nonfat caramel macchiato. often, though, towards the end of the week, it becomes a desire for new clothes which leads me to target which usually leads me to the checkout line with something new. i need to move away from super targets. they are made of awesome (this is a new saying i am incorporating into my daily sayings, stolen from john & hank green of brotherhood 2.0), but they are also money drains. anyway, that is pretty much all i have to discuss today. i am sometimes way too thrilling for my own good.


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