Annabel Lee

i kind of wonder what it takes to inspire guys to write and sing and paint in homage to a girl. i started and finished a book by john green (an abundance of katherines) today, and as in his previous book (looking for alaska), there is much to be said in admiration of a girl character in the book by the lead guy. he muses on her to no end. then there are songs like hey there delilah by the plain white t’s, poems stretching back to the beginning of written word, etc etc. it makes me wonder…where are these guys? the ones that are in love with women to the point that they memorialize it in some creative way? do they actually exist or is it all some sort of literary/cinematic trope to make us think that guys actually think about things besides sex and beer? i’m pretty sure i have never inspired that sort of thing in someone, or if i have it was a well kept secret. guys should let us know more often if those sort of things go through their minds…they’d find themselves with dates way more often.


One thought on “Annabel Lee

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Any man who writes me a song is so getting a date…

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