so i didn’t want to make any grand announcement til it was more of a done deal, but i am now officially moving downtown! well not really downtown downtown, more like westport-ish, a wonderful 5 minute commute from work. i’ll also be about 5 minutes from westport, from my friend jen’s house, and from the plaza. i’m moving into a second floor apartment with two girls i found via craigslist. they posted needing a 3rd roommate, and i answered. i get my own big bedroom & bathroom that has 2 windows (yay natural sunlight), we have a huge kitchen, large living room with sunroom, and laundry that isn’t coin operated! i’ve actually only met one of the girls up til now, but she seems cool so i’m not worried about meeting the other. tomorrow will be furniture shopping, and saturday is moving day. pretty quick and all but i think it’ll be good. excitement!


One thought on “Moving

  1. Kitty says:

    Yay! Hope your shopping day went well today.

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