1/3 Of The Way

ok well everything is in the apartment. it is a jumbled pile of doom but it is in the house. i think i broke my back and arms and possibly also calves carrying the furniture up, but it’s always nice when you can sit down on it and be like yesss it’s done.

we only had 2 hitches today. we got to the truck rental place this morning where i had a 10′ truck reserved (i won’t say the company’s name but it rhymes with fudge it) and they were basically like uh yeah we don’t have any 10′ trucks. so we ended up with a 16′ truck, which actually turned out nicely because we had ample room for all of my crap. but they charged us more. not cool. my other little hitch was the fact that when my dresser was being delivered, they had the dresser and its feet but no hardware to put the feet on. i ended up refusing that dresser, opting for them to deliver a whole dresser with feet attached in a week. so i’ll be living out of my suitcases til then.

i’m about to drop dead with exhaustion. i couldn’t even finish my pho for dinner i was so tired. that is very tired.


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