Squeaking In

i’m barely making this whole self-imposed deadline of posting every day. i’ve got half an hour so i’m still good, at least for today.

i’m unwinding on my brand new bed against my serasoft (carried at bb&b, check this stuff out it is the shiz) pillows listening to jack johnson and smelling my tocca candle, reveling in my successful picture hanging. pictures of my pictures to come soon. i also built a bookshelf and shoe cubby deal today, and filled two garbage bags with clothes i’m going to get rid of. this was all after work was over at 6 pm. long day. unfortunately, i still have approximately 6 gajillion bags to unpack, plus 4 boxes. plus all my clothes need to be better organized for easy access til my dresser gets here next weekend. plus i still have crap to hang, and to buy, and to organize in other rooms. but i’m getting there. hopefully by the end of my day off tomorrow i will be able to post some pictures, though i’m tempted to wait all the way til next weekend when i have my dresser and tv set up. i’ll take votes.


One thought on “Squeaking In

  1. Kitty says:

    No, I want to see pictures now! I mean, I want to see pictures now, please.

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