Flash of Anger

how. on. earth. could a woman put a pro-life sticker on her bumper? it made me want to go punch the back of her stupid little escort. i mean, my explanation was written all over the back of her car: “st. teresa’s academy…st. elizabeth’s school for whatever.” neat. i want to see the immaculate conception happen to her and have her not freak out.


3 thoughts on “Flash of Anger

  1. Pete says:

    Well put, my dear. My only question is whether she had the “W:The President” sticker alone or alongside a “W…Still the President!” sticker? And why, of all a sudden, do I distinctly hear the bleating of sheep?
    Not only should abortion be legal, it should be (gasp!)free, as well! If I have to hear another person argue against the legality of abortion based solely on the Bible, I’m going to punch that person squarely in the mouth; it’s called the (supposed) separation of church and state, asshole!

  2. michelle says:

    I’m not into the whole church thing but i am 100% pro-life. Abortion, free? Are you kidding me? Your a man, you wouldn’t understand. Men shouldn’t have a voice on something that doesnt have anything to do his body. I’m not for women killing their babies.

  3. Pete says:

    Yikes, I must have struck a nerve with you, Michelle, judging from what little I can understand through your terrificly awful grammar.

    May I be so bold as to inquire about your reasoning for your pro-life stance? I’m genuinely curious. Abortion, as a medical procedure, should absolutely be covered under the adequate health care coverage that American citizens deserve yet still do not enjoy.

    You also assert that because I am a man, I have zero say in issues that relate directly to women’s bodies but not my own. I must say, this particular point of yours baffles me. Last I remember being taught in grade school, it takes two people to create a pregnancy, with one of them essentially required to be a male.
    And, to take your contention to an extreme, should we disallow all male law makers from participating in votes relating to abortion, since they are men and this issue has nothing to do with their body? Get a clue, abortion affects everyone, male or female, though admittedly not to the same degree.

    This is really going to throw you for a loop, but stay with me if you can: While I firmly (FIRMLY) believe abortion should be legal and freely available to everyone, I personally am against its use. Wild, huh? It’s absolutely crucial that you understand that a person can be For the freedom of choice and still Against the act itself. Regardless of my personal beliefs on this issue, it simply is not acceptable to allow our government to strip us of our personal right to decide.

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