The MTV Spiral

i am not sure how or when or why this has happened, but i am addicted to several crappy mtv shows. namely the hills, real world: sydney, and engaged & underage. i watch them online and patiently wait out the buffering (rationalization: it is the same as waiting through commercials) so i can catch everything in smooth, 3 inch by 3 inch square action. i talked to a coworker today about the downward spiral real world has taken over the years, and how i actually felt like i learned valuable things from early seasons like seattle and san francisco whereas now i learn how retarded you can look if you get wasted and sleep with your roommate. which i suppose is valuable in its own way. and just to wrap this up, i just reread my first sentence and want to yell “they are NOT crappy shows! they are entertaining! and they sway me in what color nailpolish to use! and i see how naive and dumb teenagers in love can be! and i don’t know what’s redeeming about the real world but it is not crappy! maybe!”


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