Hunter Gatherer

i’m pretty sure that shopping satisfies a basic hunting/gathering need in womenkind. and the biggest rush in shopping is getting a deal…i’m not sure what the equivalent would have been for our cave dwelling forebears (an extra large basket of berries? a really chubby wild pig kill? who knows), but the sale is an all powerful thing in my world. i have been known to look deeply at things that i would never have otherwise looked at except for the lovely red sticker. and today i got the best deal of all – the negotiated deal. i wanted a bench made to go with my new bed and dresser, yet didn’t want to pay the full price. luckily, i came to discover that my bed had actually been put on sale, so i did something i have never done: gotten the difference back and applied it to my purchase. throw in my minor level sob story about how i had to live a week without my dresser and i suddenly dropped $90.00 off of my bench. awesome. i don’t get it for almost a month but that’s ok, i get it and i love it and i got a deal. i totally got the chubby wild pig today.


One thought on “Hunter Gatherer

  1. Sarah says:

    With a little help from your mommy.

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