Evening Nap

after a comforting dinner of chicken tikka masala, and a long slow day at work (again), i was ready to cozy down on my bed to check out all of my jillion websites (see sidebar) and catch up on all i’ve missed while at work for 8 whole hours. two hours later, i woke up. i had done the whole oh i’ll just close my eyes for a couple minutes deal, which turned into passed out cold next to my laptop. i guess i was really tired. i came to find out too that yoshi took a nap at the same time, directly under me – the minute i woke up and started text messaging (because that is what you do the second you wake up, you send a text), he jumped on the bed with a thank-god-you’re-finally-up-to-pet-me yowl. maybe i was a cat in a former life. and i can only hope i was this cute:


One thought on “Evening Nap

  1. Pete says:

    Very cute! And coming from someone who generally dislikes cats, that means a lot!
    Text messaging? Seriously, who text messages these days…?

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