Mystery Revealed

so my big mystery does not involve crunk paint jobs or firebirds, it involved me driving 8 hours to visit the reverend, who i have known and talked to for the past 7 years but not actually seen, in memphis, tn. last night i was too busy packing and being overly excited and unable to sleep over the whole trip, so no post. but here i am again, from a new city!

i actually left at 3 am this morning for my drive, and consequently barely remember the leg from kansas city to st. louis. i better remember the st. louis to memphis leg, notable for a rock hitting my windshield and cracking it, and me getting tired enough to pull over to close my eyes. i guess driving on two hours of sleep isn’t the smartest plan out there.

the rev. and i have had an awesome day since i’ve gotten here, and i’ve already seen a ton of memphis, including their art museum, beale street, and starbucks. the essentials. we got to catch a free concert downtown, which was possibly the most perfect thing to relax after driving for so long.

stay tuned for more i’m-in-another-city posts…


2 thoughts on “Mystery Revealed

  1. Pete says:

    Wait, you’re in town? We should meet up!

  2. […] knew that at a point ten months after this one i would be taking another trip to memphis, but this time for good?  this post is going to […]

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