Left My Heart

i know the song is about san francisco, but though i’ve been there this year, my heart has been left in memphis, tn. it could have been the company, (ok it was mostly the awesomely baby blue-eyed company…) but i loved memphis. if i didn’t have such a grown-up life with obligations, i would be moving there pretty much….tomorrow. as it stands, though, i’ll definitely be going back. the city has great vibes, i loved everyone i met, and it has decent food. the barbecue not so much, but the other food was good. to tell the truth though, i mostly just miss this guy:
i’ll be seeing you again, memphis.


2 thoughts on “Left My Heart

  1. Pete says:

    You Define Beauty, and while you may have left your heart here, mine is hundreds of miles away, though hopefully only briefly.

  2. […] month one: i ventured down to memphis.  i felt like i was home every time i hugged him. […]

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