how to win a game of cutthroat pool, when it is down to your ball and your opponent’s ball (and who cares if he’s six feet of cuteness, you still need to win):

1. aim for your own ball. yes, on purpose.
2. miss. “accidentally.”
3. watch your opponent aim at his own ball.
4. let him get it in the pocket before telling him he just hit his own ball in.
5. lord your victory over him.

it’s a surefire way to win, and then get a glare that is half anger half hard-won respect for f-ing them over, and then get a smile that might make you momentarily feel bad for winning – but you hold strong because you totally won.

then give him a i’msorrybutnotallthatsorry hug, and continue holding your victory over him.


One thought on “Strategery

  1. Pete says:

    Nice strategy ! I’ll have to put it to use next time I’m out with a cute guy…

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