No Real Reason

for once i have no lameass excuse for not posting yesterday. i went out to dinner with my mom and sister and her husband and kids, and got home lateish only to watch tv and cruise my websites. it just totally slipped my mind that i have a duty of some tenuous kind to about 3 people to post here every day. my bad.

yesterday and today have been those perfect late summer/early fall days where the weather is just ideal, all warm goldenness and comfortable temperatures, there’s a nice cool breeze, and i can drive around with my music cranked and windows down without having sweat running down my back. it doesn’t hurt either that i have this amazing guy in my life that makes me smile all the time, or that i’m within about five pounds of my ideal weight, or that i have an awesome apartment to chill in all the time. i’m waiting for the other shoe to fall, which shows what kind of an optimist i am. it’s just too much goodness right now, so much it’s scary.


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