Life in the City

i am still getting used to certain factors of life in the “city,” or midtown kc, which is the most city-fied i’ve ever been. for one, i hear sirens about, oh, every other hour. yes i live one building away from a major thoroughfare of this area of town, but it still kind of concerns me that there are this many cop cars and ambulances and fire trucks passing by. at least they pass by and aren’t tearing into my neighborhood. then there’s the sounds of drag racing, which i just heard tear by down aforementioned thoroughfare. super loud, super aggressive sounding, super dangerous. i’m glad i’m safe and tucked away on my island of comfort in my bedroom. oh, there they went again. i’ll probably hear sirens again soon.


One thought on “Life in the City

  1. Kitty says:

    Yes, I live very close to a fire station so I get that too. Plus the drunk fighting students, the honking from bad drivers, the car alarms going off every two seconds. It always seems very quiet when I go home!

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