Thoughts on Alcohol

so i might be a little tipsy. not much. a little, though. i never/very rarely drink, as alcoholism runs rampant in my family and that is a genetic time bomb i’d rather not mess with. but tonight i went out with my friend jen (longest running constant friend, we met in 5th grade) and her roommate and some other friends, and we went out for tapas. and i had sangria. two and a half glasses of it. for those of you that know me, that is pretty much a WOAH KATIE IS OUT OF CONTROL sort of amount. i basically stick to mike’s hard lemonade or limeade, and usually about…one at a time. but then after tapas (Amazing, go to La Bodega under I35 on southwest blvd, go there now) we went to sol cantina on martini corner in midtown, and i had an amaretto sour. that’s a lot for me. so i’m feeling a buzz. but i’m drinking water so i can easily get up for work tomorrow. and i think going out once every six to twelve months or so is probably not too crazy of a thing for me to do. and this post is totally coherent, right? so i’m fine. and it was a good night. oh, and try the bread pudding in apricot sauce at la bodega, you will marry the chef.


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