From Heaven by Way of India

i have one constant food craving, one i think about about once a day, one that pushes me to urge people to go out to eat with me to one of five places, one that will just not let me go: indian food. and really, just one dish with one side – chicken tikka masala with a big basket of hot chewy naan bread. i just had it for dinner tonight and i’m already craving it for tomorrow. it is the one food that i keep eating until i feel the food hit the top of the back of my throat and i have to stop or i will literally throw up on the table. and then i have justonemorebite of naan soaked in tikka masala sauce. plus indian restaurants usually have great and quick service, and bunches of freebies. i love the free rice pudding with the candied ginger for dessert. i love the fried veggie thingy for an appetizer. i love coming out of a restaurant smelling like curry and cinnamon and all sorts of good things. uh, does anyone want to go out for indian food tomorrow?


4 thoughts on “From Heaven by Way of India

  1. Sarah says:

    Not tomorrow, but soon, I promise! Gotta cook on the new stove tomorrow. Of course if you have a good recipe for chicken tikka masala that could be the stove’s inaugural meal…

  2. Kitty says:

    Yum, I’ll go with you!

  3. Kate Derrick says:

    Ohh we eat it chicken tikka misala non-stop at our office. We actually refer to it as “the crack of food.”

  4. junbelen says:

    I love chicken tikka masala, too. But have you tried it with roti instead of naan? Rotis are buttery and flaky flatbreads that are so yummy, too. It gets yummier with tasty chicken tikka masala!

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