The Hurricane Effect

i have a problem i need help with. we have all experienced the hurricane-related phenomenon of a shower curtain liner getting sucked into the shower. i think it’s something related to the temperature change, pressure vaccuums, and magical events. anyway, this is a daily issue for me. consider the following picture:what you may notice upon close inspection is that my shower curtain does not so much reach the ground. this is because i have a window that is partially in my shower and partially out, causing me to keep the shower curtain pole thing at an unusually high position. so my shower curtain liner too falls short, and the magnets designed to help me fight the magical hurricane effect do not quite reach the tub. i spend most of my showers fighting off my liner sticking to me, and have decided that this is not so much fun. any solutions you may have to offer me would be much appreciated. do you think they make long liners? i could investigate this but that would involve leaving my house.


One thought on “The Hurricane Effect

  1. Kitty says:

    Why yes, they do! Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens ‘n Things have somewhat pricey extra long liners that look identical to me (at least online). Target’s is cheap, but the dimensions don’t seem that extra long to me–I think it’s long width-wise, not length-wise. If you Google “extra long shower curtain liner” there are more. They also make extra long shower curtains. Apparently lots of people have your problem!

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