Day Two in STL

our second day in the lou we got a later start than the first, but still respectable. we headed out for lunch, hoping for “handmade mexican” as advertised by pete’s GPS navigator, only to find a completely desolate mexican restaurant in clayton, mo that didn’t seem all too appealing. a short walk down the block and we found chipotle’s. and even better, starbucks across the road. we hit both, leaving starbucks not only with our standard drinks but also two new gorgeous starbucks travel mugs, matching, of course. are we addicts? maybe.

from gorgeously cute clayton we headed to the equally idyllic park setting of the st. louis art museum and the st. louis zoo. first we spent a bit walking the front of the museum, largely because i am a super slow coffee drinker and needed to finish it up before entering. we then spent a bit wandering through the museum, pete setting off an alarm in the process, luckily not followed by a tackling security guard (actually, security never even showed).

next was a quick drive through the park to the zoo, another free st. louis hotspot. first order of business was a coke slushee, which i believe i may have paid about $17 for. then we saw the bears, the penguins, the big cats, the giraffes & zebras & gazelles and all of that, plus many interesting people, events, and halloween decorations. then it was back to the room, then back out for indian food (i took his indian-food-virginity, and he’s fully converted). then a dip in the pool, then sleep.

our last morning in stl consisted mostly of me moping that we were having to leave each other. it also was spent at denny’s for brunch doing the crossword while we ate. then a trip to starbucks (which was initally led astray by our usually trusty GPS, who decided we should go to the starbucks that was actually inside the airport), then back to the hotel where i pretty much lost it. this weekend was easily top 3 in my life (another one spent in memphis, so strangely 2 out of 3 good weekends have involved the reverend), and i DID NOT in all Capital Letters want it to end. hate it. nonetheless, we both had to get home, so we did despite my trying to hold him hostage at my car in the parking lot of the comfort inn. i can easily highly recommend st. louis, but go with company as good as mine and it will be perfect.


One thought on “Day Two in STL

  1. michelle says:

    I live in STL and it was cool seeing it in someone else’s eyes.

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