Two Days in One

last night got away from me, what with the laying around and the reading and the talking on the phone. all i missed out on telling you was how i went to the museum yesterday to show my niece, reagan, all there is to see about culture in kansas city. i’ve taken her before, and she had three requests: to see the shuttlecocks, the lion (our lifesize greek lion), and the “horse with sticks” (a modern sculpture of a horse constructed of mud and sticks). so we ran around outside to see all of the shuttlecocks (there are 4), saw the lion and the horse, got a treat from the museum store, and watched tom & jerry for the ride home. the outing got rave reviews from the little one, so it was a hit all around.

today was a wonderful lazy day, largely spent lounging, facebook chatting, reading at starbucks with a chai tea latte, and then cleaning and mopping my house. then i was treated to a ridiculous dinner by my roommate: breadcrumb & peppercorn crusted chicken tenders with ginger mashed potatoes and stir-fried veggies all covered in a citrus honey asian sauce, ALL made from scratch. super good. and yet, even though i’m so full i’m comatose, i keep thinking about my starbucks lite coffee ice cream. to dessert or not to dessert…


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