I’m Getting Controversial

i need to come up with something more controversial to drum up readers. i have now entered into a low-level competition of readership numbers with the reverend, who for some reason has a steadily rising number of visitors to his blog. it must be mentioned here, once and for all, that i am the one that made him start a blog, that he has admitted that 40% of his readers come from this very blog, and that i therefore am the sole reason he has any readers at all. so really i already won this competition.

but anyway.

what are your thoughts on gay marriage? i am pro. i consider myself an ally, i support the notion that people want to enter into lasting and legal bonds to show the world and each other how important they are to each other. as was always a popular chalking on campus on NCOD (national coming out day): love is love is love. i want to be married someday, and i see no reason why any other human being should be denied that desire simply because of who they want to marry. our wonderful christian fascist rightwingers would lead us to believe that if we allow them to marry the entire united states might just plunge forthwith into a fiery abyss where people marry donkeys, terrorists target america, and all children will fail to ever know what a true marriage is like between man and woman because they will only know the corruption that is a loving same-sex marriage. with the number of people currently in therapy over the divorces, trysts, abuses, and more that their parents have had and committed, i think our country is f-ed up enough already – what could it hurt to see two people who are so committed to and in love with each other that, despite all adversity and odds, they would have a public ceremony to declare just that? commitment and love are apparently not good things. who knew.


One thought on “I’m Getting Controversial

  1. Pete says:

    Ooooh, the controversy is oozing from my screen-

    I say let the gays marry, and let them be in the military, for that matter. Our government (supposedly) operates according to a strict separation of church and state, therefore any religious views either for or against homosexual activity should have absolutely no bearing on governmental regulations relating to a couple’s ability to marry. A homosexual couple of either gender should enjoy all the rights available to heterosexual couples, including the option of raising children. I venture to say that there are many, many households headed by gay couples that would provide a more stable and loving environment for a child’s upbringing than their heterosexual counterparts. I’m certainly not making a sweeping allization here, by any means. However, one’s sexual orientation should play no role in one’s ability to marry.

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