The Giving Syndrome

for some reason i am addicted to giving gifts. i take much smaller notice of the cost of something if it is not for me, and i love getting pretty packaging for gifts, or greeting cards, or what have you. ask my boyfriend – he’s been getting a gift or a card in the mail pretty much weekly from me, for no good reason. just because i see things out and about that i think he would enjoy, so i send them. i’m already done getting christmas/hanukkah gifts for my friends (all bought at the store where i work, which makes it much easier to spend money sometimes), and now i’m trying to drum up ideas for my family. i consider myself a pretty talented gift giver; i tend to find the gift that people don’t know they want or need but LOVE when they get it. or the dumb gift that people just wouldn’t spend the money on themselves, like the time i bought my friend ben the biggest possible box of his favorite kind of plain old bic pen – he was ecstatic. but i’m having some small amount of trouble coming up with gift ideas for my 4 and 5 month old nephews, who literally need for nothing. i’m leaning towards something educational, as i consider myself their cultural and educational advisor from now til forever, but i’m just not excited over much. what are your opinions on the following art cards for babies, made by a company called wee gallery that we carry in our store? i think they’re pretty cool (frameable even, for the chic nursery), and a possible idea for the boys, though who knows if they’d ever get used…thoughts?


One thought on “The Giving Syndrome

  1. Kitty says:

    I’m having the same problem thinking of something to give Lauren’s niece for her first birthday. Babies do not need anything! Those cards are very cute. I don’t know how much they cost, but you could just buy a pack and frame a few for each of the boys. That way they’d have a better chance of getting used! P.S. I agree–you are a very thoughtful gift giver!

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