On the Hunt

i realize that i missed a post in there somewhere. but maybe i didn’t? maybe you just lost it. way to go.

i like this new tactic of just blaming my 3 readers for my not posting. makes me feel better, at least.

in my preliminary casing-the-joint hunt for christmas presents, i wound up at our local mall yesterday. and when i say local i mean it is way the hell down the highway from here – i don’t really know where malls are down here and i like the comfort of a mall i can navigate with my eyes closed. i spent a good amount of time in stores i rarely enter, trying to dredge up ideas for what to get my family, my roommates, and my pete. i have a list from none of them. but as i said previously, i am a gifted gift giver (ooh alliteration) and i can surmount any gift giving challenge.

now ask me what i left the mall with. a new pair of pants for me and a nonfat chai tea latte. something fell through the cracks here.


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