this whole having days without work thing is really not working for me. i waste half the day in bed and then “waking up slowly” (something i always viewed as a crap excuse by my parents but now completely enjoy doing), then i have to shower and do my hair, then i generally go out and spend money. this is not a good pattern. i suppose it’s alright if i’m spending the money on other people, but it is inevitable that, as happened at the mall yesterday, spending money on others often turns into hey i like that i’ll just get it while i’m here how convenient! who wants to offer me a job that doesn’t require me much but keeps me out of the malls on my days off?

in rereading this post i realize that i come off pretty vapid. um, i have no real excuse for that as i love shopping, but tis the season and i have a valid excuse for living in stores. plus now that i work in retail it’s fun to see what other stores carry our products. ok lame ass excuse i know, but that’s all i can come up with…it’s not like i’m out saving third world babies on my days off, i’m shopping. ok i’ll look into doing something more beneficial to mankind instead. non ministrari sed ministrare and all that, ok ok ok.


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