Grand Opening!

because i have no creativity tonight whatsoever, i am going to basically do my own version of the rev’s most recent post….

so yay! go support his store, chock full of awesome merchandise that i helped design in some small way. he’s not making any money off of this, it’s just a strictly for-fun enterprise, so he’s basically a non-profit foundation now. and who doesn’t support non-profits? i know i do. as one satisfied customer said: “Wow! I just got my Your Neighborhood Reverend hoodie in the mail and – oh boy does it keep me warm! And let me tell all you guys out there – I have never had a larger number of attractive ladies approach me for casual sex than when I first wore my Your Neighborhood Reverend hoodie! Get one for yourself and one for a friend!” also just go read him, since he’s talented and interesting and also hot. not that i’m biased.


One thought on “Grand Opening!

  1. Pete says:

    Hooray! Come support the Reverend! The Lord thanks you!

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