Sure, No Problem! I Hate You!

retail at christmas: teaches you the true horrible-ness of human nature. people are demanding, rude, self-absorbed, and impatient. and they like to treat me like i am about 12 years old and quite possibly slightly mentally challenged. and yet i have to stay happy, encouraging, interested, and helpful at all times. no wonder i come home every night and collapse on to my bed, unable to move for the rest of the evening and often passing out for hour-long naps. it is mentally exhausting to be so chipper. but try me…i will always give the best customer service, with a smile, even if i then go to the back office and punch something. and cuss a blue streak.


2 thoughts on “Sure, No Problem! I Hate You!

  1. Pete says:

    I don’t WANNA help you! I HATE customers! [stomp, stomp, stomp…register drawer slam]

  2. Kitty says:

    Sounds kind of like dealing with certain Mail Services customers. Or library patrons! That back office job sounds kind of nice, huh?

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