i dropped off of the face of the planet there for a couple days, but for once i have a legitimate, albeit insane, excuse: i decided to hop over to memphis for my two days off. saturday i woke up at 8:30 am, worked a ten hour shift, went out with friends for a few hours, and then decided to leave kansas city at 12:30 am for memphis. as i said to pete upon arrival, i am really glad i did that, but for the love of god do not let me do that again…i had to stop eleven times on my 8.5 hour drive there – i had the shakes, the chills, felt like i was outside of my body, and various other entertaining results of no sleep. when i got to memphis i very romantically said hi i feel nauseous i need to sleep. but because i have an understanding and wonderful boyfriend, he was not offended and put me straight to bed.

after a refreshing nap and shower, he and i hit the town for lunch (crepes), caffeine (venti chai latte), and entertainment (the zoooooooooooooooo!). while at starbucks, i learned the downfall of having a gorgeous boyfriend with panty-dropping blue eyes (his description, not mine): the barista chatted with only him, refraining from even looking at me despite the fact that i was immediately next to him, failed to put a cardboard sleeve on my drink (“hi, can i get a sleeve for my drink?”…”oh yeah. here.”), and also made a crappy chai latte. whatever, i kissed him thanks for my drink in front of her. bitch.

annnnyway, so we went to the zoo, had a blast as we tend to do, went home for more caffeination (i was still running on approximately one hour of sleep to thirty hours of awakeness), and then went to germantown for dinner with his parents and little sister. had a nice steak dinner with them, then back home again to watch curb your enthusiasm, and then bed where i passed out cold.

today was sleeping in for me, work for him, and then lunch together. i managed to not bawl my eyes out this time, and left memphis around one. just got back to kc at 9 pm, and am a tad tired. but happy. if i hadn’t gone to get this little nibble of the reverend to tide me over, we would have gone six weeks without seeing each other, which is basically unexcusable. so that is my long, drawn out excuse for not posting for a couple days. i may be certifiable, but at least it’s for someone and not just me full of crazy.


2 thoughts on “Certifiable

  1. Pete says:

    What a haht couple!

  2. […] near and dear to my daily life. his secret is something that used to bother me a bit (there was a scene in a starbucks with an agressive barista, for instance), but i am working on my gut reaction to stomp away in […]

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