Carpe Diem

fall is pretty much over, as evidenced by the billion pounds of leaves the trees in our yard have unceremoniously dumped on the ground. i have to basically guess where our driveway is every time i leave home, somewhere in the field of yellow. but it is kind of pretty. and today was gorgeous out, low 70s and sunny, which i was incredibly excited to go out and enjoy until i looked at our weather prediction for this thanksgiving week:lame. snow?? lame.

so i went out and seized this, one of two last apparent days of nice weather before months of suck. went out to the legends as i said i would, and found a dress in the first store, first dress, first thing i tried on. we (shopping addicts) know how difficult and rare this is. and i’m excited. so excited that i called pete who could barely restrain his non-excitement. nonetheless, it is cuteness, fits well, and was ON SALE. we all know how i love things ON SALE. and this was a sale at an outlet store, is there anything better? anyway, here’s the dress, ooh and ahh at your leisure:


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