today was a hectic day. i kickstarted my week and day wonderfully with a call from my manager at 9:15, asking if i was ok – i was supposed to be at work at 9. tooootally forgot. so that was a nice adrenaline rush as i flew to work, and then i just hit the ground running…we had all expected holiday traffic to hit this friday, giving us today and tomorrow to gear up and prepare the store, but this was not so much the case. we were busy from the minute we opened, and stayed that way. i was running up and downstairs, around the store, going crazy trying to get product received in for our merchandiser today, when my coworker stops me to tell me that security said i have a delivery at the command center. my mind ran through all the vendors i have personally worked with lately, and who might’ve dropped something off in my name of all people. then, it clicked. and, of course, i rush over in the midst of this hectic day to find these:so i took a moment, smelled the roses, and once again felt spoiled and loved…and for some reason all the tension of the day eased off and i had a smile from then on out. good day today.


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