Happy Turkey Day Etc.

i just forgot to post yesterday. i had partially crafted a post in my head that went: “it is winter now. lame.” that may have not been the most compelling post i would have ever written, so it’s probably for everyone’s benefit that it never made it up here.

i slept in today, luxury of luxuries, all the way til 9:45. after a shower and primping, i went and spent about an hour at starbucks with a chai latte and the book the devil’s knot by mara leveritt. then a trip to walmart for some thanksgiving supplies (coloring book & crayons for my niece to keep her distracted, check.), then to my dad’s house to pick him up for thanksgiving at my mom’s. then nothing but a normal thanksgiving of lots of food, lazing around, and being full. the only new thing this year was having an infant around who likes to style and eat my hair.

after dinner and taking my dad home, i wanted another chai to round out my day, so my mom and my scrabble board and i headed out to starbucks. except: NO STARBUCKS WERE OPEN. anywhere. what the? i so wanted a chai latte. but apparently starbucks employees are allowed to have thanksgiving evening off, which is basically unacceptable. plus i was unable to break in my scrabble board…we’ll probably be stranded together til the reverend gets here next week. sad.


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