i have nothing to talk about tonight, so i decided to post an old and humiliating picture of me to spice things up. the above is the immediate aftermath to my wisdom teeth removal, courtesy of kderrick as instructed by my mother. i was awake for that surgery (my only surgery ever, as i’m far too cautious and wussy to have anything actually go wrong with me), so i remember the whole shebang. luckily/bizarrely, i had my ipod going in one ear to help me relax, so i had a soundtrack to the surgery, and remember being tripped out that i could watch the dentist’s hand go up and down while he stitched me shut. i had all four teeth out and spent that evening in the health services office of wellesley college, run by goddesses that brought me lukewarm soup and cold ice packs and cups to spit blood in. lovely, i know. i’m a delicate flower. with big puffy cheeks.


2 thoughts on “Self-Humiliation/Immolation

  1. Sarah says:

    Don’t forget – your mommy sent you flowers.

  2. Kate Derrick says:

    You’ll be on the cover of my latest book, called “How I Embarrass Friends in Times of Need”.

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