Be the Tree

once again, i’m fresh out of material. pretty much coasting through the week waiting for saturday to arrive. in the meantime, i have dredged up another embarassing photo of me, this one from senior year of college. we are lucky enough to have had a very enthusiastic, poetic, entrancing, and possibly slightly kooky dean at wellesley that often encouraged us to become one with nature, feel the wind in our hair, coo like the young doves we were that had all sorts of potential to take poetic flight on breaths of scented air, and the like. so i felt the moment one night after allegedly drinking more than i’m used to (i think i had a mike’s and a daiquiri…woah i am OUT OF CONTROL), and i became a tree. i’ve had a rough time living this picture down, but whatever, i own it, i was a tree, i was a cool tree, and i was one with nature.


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