you have just lost a game of pool to your girlfriend. then, to add insult to injury or rub salt in your wounds, you lose a game of darts to her as well. a second game is well underway, and you appear to be falling behind once again. this is when it’s time to go balls out and try to shoot with your eyes closed:you shoot, and before you can remove your hand from your eyes, you hear your girlfriend say, “HOLY SHIT.”bullseye. you shoot two more darts, and in some freakish spasm of luck, hit the exact numbers you need to get to zero and win the game. you then raise your arms in the air in your V for victory stance and strut around the dartboard area of the bar, proclaiming to all who can hear and see your skills at darts.then you take a cheesy picture with your winning board, and promptly lose the next game.


One thought on “Bullseye!

  1. Pete says:

    Zing! Never Underestimate the powers of Zee Reverend!

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