Same Old Story

every time the reverend and i are together, we have a through-the-roof kind of good time. i’m sure it gets old for my four loyal readers, but it’s true. and we apparently can’t help it.

we made it to many kc tourist attractions, including:yj’s, the hippest hipster spot for coffee in the crossroads,fritz’s, where a train brings you your dinner,union station & its ginormous christmas tree,the zoooooooooooooooooo!!!,and finally, the nelson-atkins museum of art and its oldenburg/van bruggen shuttlecocks. we covered most of the greater kc metro area, had amazing meals, went to crazy fun places, and had an all-too-short but intensely amazing visit. now we’re back to a t-minus situation, and it’s jumped back up to over 3 weeks. but he always tells me to focus on the positive so huzzah! 3 weeks is less than 4!


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