Good Intentions

i had all good intentions of posting last night. i was reading a very captivating book (the devil in the white city by erik larson) after catching up on tila tequila’s latest antics, but had left my laptop open and on so i could squeeze in a short post before bed. and yet somehow i found myself shutting down the computer and going to bed, without ever posting. i do this a lot, telling myself i will do such and such at a specific point in time, and then completely forgetting to do so. i of course realized i hadn’t posted the minute i laid down to sleep, but at that point the computer was irretrievably turned off and there was no going back. also this small entry goes to show what a l.a.m.e. friday night i had, sitting in bed reading and watching tv. but ok, this is what i do every week. so maybe it is just me that is l.a.m.e.?


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