no one has yet stepped up with a donation for my dream bag. there is still time! don’t be left out of the donation pool and therefore my affections.

my knee is being wonky. old war injury…i inflamed my kneecap playing racquetball in college, and it is flaring up again. i feel like i might be able to let you know when cold fronts are coming through.

the streets are icy. it is sleeting. i am now going into hibernation.

i need to go to the library tomorrow. i have high hopes of finding the hotel new hampshire back in, but if i don’t i think i’m going to start tackling my list of david mccullough biographies.

i have become gainfully employed a second time over. i will be working in a well-known home decor store for part-time hours. this is essential if i will ever come out from under my credit card debt. so hellooooo 60 hour work weeks.

my dinner was vegetarian in nature tonight. it consisted of wheat thins chips (multi grain), rice with kc masterpiece bbq sauce, and awesomely sauteed asparagus. what did i really want? a steak.


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