Tis The Season

i spent all day shopping. and then all evening wrapping and boxing and prettifying. plus two trips back out to the store for things i forgot. those are the worst kind of trips to the store…makes me feel like i may or may not have early onset alzheimer’s, how often i have to turn around and get all cold-weatherified to go back outside and back to the store to get some one single ingredient that i had forgotten. but at least i am dedicated enough to go out instead of just scrapping the whole shebang and curling up in bed with a special on LC from the hills. combatting that urge though is my compulsive need to do something right.now. and it must happen that second or else the world may possibly cease to exist. this is what makes me go to walgreen’s at 9 pm to get gift tags. because WHAT IF I WRAPPED MY PRESENTS AND DIDN’T TAG THEM THIS SECOND OH.MY.GOD.?!? but don’t worry, it’s all done and wrapped and tagged.


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