…listening to john legend and my neighbors upstairs move stuff around.
—wearing a green tanktop and pink comfy pants and my plushy green cozy socks.
…reading The Hotel New Hampshire by john irving.
—battling a minor headache.
…debating whether or not to turn on the tv.
—considering going to bed.
…thinking that reading in bed is just as restful as going to bed.
—feeling too lazy to blowdry my hair.
…having fuzzy thoughts about the reverend.
—counting the days til my memphis new year’s trip.
…wanting someone to make a scrabulous move.
—craving something but just not sure what.
…determined to finish more of the two books i got out of the library tomorrow.
—running out of verbs to start these sentences with.


One thought on “Currently

  1. Pete says:

    It’s unreal how much they move their furniture around….lunatics

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