Lazy Days

yesterday and today were my days off. i have done nothing more eventful than sleeping, reading, and eating. i actually slept a great deal, due in large part to closing my blackout curtains and being sick. i am still fighting bronchitis, though at least the debilitating exhaustion that accompanies it has finally worn off. just the coughing, coughing, coughing is left. i finished one book (the hotel new hampshire) and started another today (john adams, by my favorite biographer, david mccullough), and am consequently deeply embroiled in the events of our nation’s founding. these events make for a much more dynamic and interesting read once you’ve actually been to boston and philadelphia, for some reason. i advocate taking all schoolchildren of the nation to these sites…nothing like bringing history alive. also, i am a nerd.

also also, i had a visitor today, his name is gizmo:my roommate’s sister’s dog, gizmo was under my watchful eye briefly as they went to the store, during which time we enthusiastically played with a cat toy. this was the peak of energy i expended for the day.


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