Resist This

he is flirty. he flashes his two-toothed grin at anyone that’ll look at him, jam one or more fists in his mouth, and squeal like a high-frequency ham radio gone awry. while his younger cousin tyler will make noises of the goo goo ga ga variety, in an obvious attempt to form words, brayden merely tests out his vocal range with extended sounds. so extended that people look around the restaurant we are in, wondering where the emergency broadcast noises are coming from. he loves his light-up toy, his ducky toy with the chewable legs/arms/feet/hands/face/tag/body, and my glasses. if given the opportunity, he will pull your drink over, steal your silverware, and eat your napkin. and then flash his teeth. he is brayden alexander.


One thought on “Resist This

  1. Pete says:

    He’s a champ in my book, and I don’t even LIKE kids…give him a minute high five for me-

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