Chubby Cheeks

he is abnormally strong. he’s been holding his own head up practically since he was born, death gripping my finger, and now going for my hair at any given opportunity. he is easily mesmerized by lighty-uppy things. we have pictures of him with glazed eyes and drool as he watches baby einstein. he’s been kind of anxious since he was born, with some level of separation anxiety – brayden can entertain himself on his own forever with nary a worry, but tyler gets fussy and upset should he not be able to see people for a second. his dad can always calm him, smooshed to his chest with a bouncing movement to get him to sleep, while his mom can always make him laugh and smile his chubby smile. he can be finicky, but when he smiles and laughs he is the greatest little man around. he is tyler blake.


2 thoughts on “Chubby Cheeks

  1. Pete says:

    In his defense, I drool when watching Baby Einstein, as well.

  2. Sarah says:

    Now I know what to get Pete for Christmas

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