Who Knew This Day Would Come?

we all need to take a moment. i have repeatedly asked for this bag, largely as a joke. a serious, i want this bag but know noone will spend $400 on it for me kind of joke.

but then.

i looked online last night and found, lo and behold, that the bag had been Marked Down to half off (!) and that they were out of the red leather on the kenneth cole website. a panicked call to dillard’s later and i had one on hold, promised to me at the markdown price. i called pete in excitement, as i had even gone to the length of showing it to him in real life when he was in kc, to let him know i was going to get my bag after all. his response? “don’t get it. it’s gotten.”


so the best man in the world, the hottest, greatest, nicest, smartest, best bloggerest reverend i know tonight bought me my new best friend, thanks to a cell phone call from the dillard’s purse counter. it is gorgeous and lovely and quite possibly my favorite gift of forever and i can’t wait to show it to him in person saturday morning…i’m so spoiled.


2 thoughts on “Who Knew This Day Would Come?

  1. Pete says:

    Lookin’ good !

    Congrats on the purse – what luck!

  2. […] time for my beach visit with as little interaction with leather as possible – except, of course, in its kenneth cole form. […]

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